Role and Function

RGE’s primary role is to provide shareholder oversight to a group of resource-based companies (‘business groups’) across the entire manufacturing value chain. It is strategically positioned to drive greater harmonisation of Founder’s values, corporate best practices, and continuous improvement to the business groups.

RGE also undertakes the following functions:

  • Provide leadership in steering the strategic direction for the business groups. In this respect, it acts as a management service company providing strategic advice to the business groups' management.
  • Provide comprehensive business process outsourcing (BPO) services to its business groups (e.g. IT, HR, Finance and Accounting, Logistics and Transportation).
  • Provide functional expertise and advice to business groups (e.g. Corporate Finance, Legal, Corporate Affairs, Treasury).

Structure & Governance

RGE business groups align themselves to the RGE Core Values, RGE Global Code of Conduct, RGE Sustainability Framework and 5Cs business philosophy

Each business group is independently held, has its own management and control, and corporate governance. The business groups are responsible for their own budgets and P&Ls. They comply with local laws and regulations in the jurisdictions where they conduct business, and regularly communicate with their stakeholders. Key Performance Indicators are set annually to drive performance.

Robust corporate governance frameworks are in place and each business group has its own internal control processes. Internal and external audits of RGE and the business groups are regularly conducted. The internal audit function reports to both the business group management and RGE, while external audits of the business groups seek clearance from RGE. Some business groups also have external auditors and expert committees that independently review their sustainability programmes and performance. 

Any illegal, improper or unethical conduct by employees or business partners may be reported via email to Our whistleblowing policy protects reporter’s identity with strict confidentiality.


RGE has an Executive Management Board comprising key executives while the business groups have their own CEOs, management teams, and boards of directors. Executives of the RGE Executive Management Board are assigned to specific businesses to provide supervisory oversight of their business functions. Key executives in various businesses meet with the RGE Executive Management Board on a quarterly basis to report on business performance and other corporate matters.

RGE Executive Management Board