Mi Wei Dong is an RGE Director and President of RGE China, an appointment held since 2013.

Mr. Mi oversees daily operations across RGE’s China management offices, providing strategic counsel and tactical guidance on business development, major investments and projects across China. Having been with RGE for over 20 years, he has held various appointments and was involved in major RGE projects, including Sateri Jiangxi, Asia Symbol Guangdong, Asia Symbol Shandong, Sateri Jiujiang and Sateri Jiangsu acquisitions, and Finance, Accounting, Tax, Legal and Compliance affairs.

As Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tanoto Foundation in China, he is responsible for making key nominations for the Foundation, reviewing project execution programmes approved by Board of Directors, as well as representing the organisation for external and internal affairs.

He previously worked as an engineer in a state-owned enterprise and later a legal counsel in a private business.

Mr Mi. graduated from Sichuan University in 1991 with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics.



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