We work closely with local communities to drive meaningful poverty alleviation and improve quality of life. This is done through a range of programmes that covers education, training and skills upgrade, healthcare and infrastructure development.

Empowering People


Through RGE’s various empowerment programmes in partnership with Tanoto Foundation, the group supports small and medium enterprises (SMEs), farmers and craftsmen in our operation areas.

Working with various corporate partners, RGE has supported more than 200 SMEs across 40 villages, providing financial and technical expertise and creating direct and indirect employment opportunities for the communities.

APRIL pioneered the Integrated Farming System, which includes training centres focused on sustainable farming and technical support for farmers. This is complemented by the SME development programme, designed to equip entrepreneurs with training and support.

Another business group, Bracell, champions a variety of programmes to raise and diversify farmer income and skill sets, while advancing the agenda of sustainability.



We improve access to healthcare for communities in rural areas, most of which are beyond the reach of government health services. More than 20 health campaigns are organised each year to engage and educate communities on health, hygiene and nutrition. Our business groups work with local health authorities to provide free medical consultation and basic medicine.

RGE has also provided training to more than 300 healthcare givers, raising the standard and quality of health check-ups. These have benefitted over 150,000 people.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Community Education Programs


RGE companies support and drive infrastructure development for communities. The provision and maintenance of clean water, electricity and sanitation facilities in communities have benefitted more than 15,000 people. Other infrastructure and amenities such as roads, bridges, places of worship, religious schools, public schools, sporting facilities and power generators are also built or provided on a regular basis.


Skills Transfer

RGE's company Asian Agri is one of the pioneers in two key national smallholder partnership programmes: the Plasma (PIR-Trans National Government Migration) scheme and the regionally supported Kredit Koperasi Primer Anggota (KKPA) schemes.The schemes cover 60,000 hectares of plantation land and around 30,000 families in 11 estates. Teams of experienced and dedicated managers provide skills upgrading and technical expertise to smallholders. Besides training in production, they also receive help in infrastructure development and guidance on complex subject matters such as the High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) concept and the prevention and control of fire and haze.



With over 17,000 scholarships given out to date, the RGE group of companies and Tanoto Foundation continue to support education and higher learning across all levels – primary, secondary and post-secondary. In a bid to improve quality of education, more than 700 teachers have also received training. These initiatives affirm RGE’s belief in education as an agent of social change.

Our business groups partner local authorities, non-government organisations and educational institutions to create accessible platforms for our staff and members of communities to receive and complete their education. For instance, Bracell partners with the Chapada Institute of Education and Research to provide qualified pedagogical guidance aimed at strengthening classroom practices and student learning.