Steered by RGE’s 5Cs principle (Good for Community, Country, Climate, Customer, Company) and Sustainability Framework, RGE’s business groups around the world have made sustainability commitments in the form of science-based measurable targets that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and global sustainability trends.

Operating at the heart of the bio-economy, the business groups aim to deliver on their respective 2030 targets that would help communities and countries realise the SDGs. Through our continuous action and partnerships, we aim to create positive impact on climate change mitigation, human capital development, community development, as well as the environment.

ESG (environmental, social, governance) values are not merely incorporated in our business, but are our business imperative. Across the group of companies, our 2030 targets share common aspirations and principles to drive meaningful impact. In addition to our zero tolerance for deforestation, we endeavour to drive and support carbon emissions reduction and net zero initiatives. As stewards of the climate and environment, we seek to go beyond no-deforestation and actively support projects that safeguard biodiversity and conservation.

We also continue to push for greater transparency and traceability in the industries where we operate. Investments in technological transformation will be continuous as we strive towards circularity in our operations and industries. We work closely with stakeholders to uplift the lives of communities near our operations, so that our shared progress remains inclusive and prosperous.

The following are our business groups’ respective 2030 targets and focus areas. More information is available in the links below.

  • Climate positive
  • Thriving landscapes
  • Inclusive progress
  • Sustainable growth

More on APRIL 2030

  • Circular growth
  • Low-carbon growth
  • Inclusive growth
  • Synergetic growth

More on Asia Symbol 2030

  • Smallholder partnerships
  • Inclusive growth
  • Climate positive
  • Responsible and sustainable production

More on Asian Agri 2030

  • Transformative partnerships
  • Climate action
  • Green innovation
  • Inclusive progress

More on Apical 2030

  • Climate and ecosystem protection
  • Closed loop production
  • Innovation and circularity
  • Inclusive growth

More on Sateri 2030

  • Positive impacts on climate and nature
  • Clean manufacturing and closed loop production
  • Accelerating circularity
  • Inclusive prosperity

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