As a dedicated corporate partner to governments and communities, RGE's group of companies drives and supports a range of initiatives aimed at improving the lives of people in our operation areas.

Transmigration in Indonesia


In Indonesia, Asian Agri works with the government to improve the standard of living in Indonesia by supporting a transmigration programme. The programme helps relocate impoverished communities from areas of high population density. Our involvement since 1987 has benefitted 30,000 families.

Transmigrated communities were provided with infrastructure, amenities, training and education via corporate-community partnerships, which Asian Agri actively supports. With robust research and development and expert consultation, Asian Agri has assisted with the provision of quality seeds and sharing of up-to-date agronomic practices. These support initiatives have raised the levels of literacy, skills, plantation productivity and quality among the smallholder communities – empowering them to live better and dignified lives.


Employment and Development

RGE has more than 60,000 employees worldwide. We have manufacturing operations spanning Indonesia, China, Brazil, Spain and Canada, with corporate and sales offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, India, UAE, Switzerland and Australia. Our operations also create thousands of indirect employment opportunities.


Employee Development Program


With the help of RGE operations, many previously remote areas have been developed into small towns and cities, raising the standard of living for many local communities. Our business presence is supported by our building of infrastructure and improvement of capabilities, which raises the economic output of the local and national economies and contributes to the economic progress of respective regions.