Asia Symbol is a leading producer of pulp and paper established in China in 2005. Using renewable fibre that is sourced responsibly, Asia Symbol has an annual production of 2 million tons of pulp, 1 million tons of fine paper and 530,000 tons of paper board at its plants in Shandong (Rizhao) and Guangdong (Xinhui) provinces in China. Its main products are BHKP, NBKP, liquid packaging board, high grade ivory board and uncoated woodfree printing and office paper. With a commitment to sustainable development and manufacturing practices, Asia Symbol employs the latest technology to save energy and operate in harmony with the environment.

The plant in Rizhao operates the world’s largest single pulp production line with modern technology that keeps its emission levels far below the limits set by the national government.

Asia Symbol commits to the well-being of the people in the community by investing in projects such as building schools and a public library, and awarding scholarships to students. It empowers the community by conducting skill workshops and supporting local businesses.