Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) is the first fully integrated viscose rayon producer in Asia from plantation to viscose fibre. Our 240,000-tonne capacity mill is co-located in Pangkalan Kerinci with Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL). APR produces natural and biodegradable viscose rayon used in textile and personal hygiene products.

Committed to sustainable sourcing and efficient manufacturing, APR’s products address customers’ needs, while touching the lives of the communities around our areas of operations.

APR upholds the principles of No Deforestation and source wood fibre only from sustainably managed plantations and forests. It is committed to the transparency of its supply chain. APR aims to achieve a clean production of viscose fibre and will constantly strive to operate in the top quartile of viscose manufacturing in the areas of reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, improved carbon disulphide (CS2) recovery, and waste water management in line with industry leading practices.