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09 Sep 2009   |   RGE

To better reflect the Group’s aspirations to be a global, world-class enterprise, and to signify the transformation of the Group for future sustainability and growth, the Company has decided to change the name to “RGE”, which refers to “Royal Golden Eagle”.

12 Jan 2009   |   APRIL

INDONESIA, 12 JANUARY 2009 – APRIL’s own Elephant Flying Squad in the Ukui Estate of Riau, Indonesia, has proudly welcomed the birth of a baby female Sumatran elephant (Elephas Maximus Sumatranus) named “Carmen”. The Elephant Flying Squad is a team of trained elephants and pawangs (trainers) whose efforts are focused on preventing rampaging wild elephants from raiding village crops.

12 Jan 2009   |   Asia Symbol

APRIL’s (Asia Pacific Resources International Limited) Shandong arm – APRIL SSYMB Pulp & Paper, sealed a 10 year project finance loan agreement worth RMB7.5 billion in November last year, to construct one of the world’s largest single pulp lines.