RGE Pte Ltd

RGE Group

RGE comprises a group of world-class companies focused on resource-based manufacturing industries. Our products are transformed into a variety of end products that improve the daily lives of millions of people around the globe.

Assets held by RGE companies exceed US$15 billion with a combined workforce of 50,000 people worldwide.  RGE companies are involved in various business segments including:


·         Pulp and paper – APRIL and Asia Symbol

·         Agro industry – Asian Agri and Apical

·         Dissolving wood pulp & viscose staple fiber – Bracell Sateri

·         Energy resource development – Pacific Oil & Gas

RGE Group of Companies


APRIL Group, Asia Symbol, Asian Agri, Apical, Sateri and Pacific Oil & Gas are privately held, but Bracell is publicly traded on Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

RGE’s guiding philosophy is driven by the Triple Bottom Line approach of People, Planet and Profit, which means operating in a manner which is “good for the community, good for the country and good for the company”.

As such each company operates on the basis of sustainability and high social and environmental responsibility in every sector and operation.  Common to all businesses is a drive to achieve efficient production with excellent quality, energy savings and operate in harmony with the environment.