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16 Jun 2015   |   Apical

June 16th 2015 - Asian Agri and Apical Group announced today their partnership with The Forest Trust (TFT) – a global environmental non-profit organisation focused on helping companies run responsible supply chains.

13 May 2015   |   Apical

SINGAPORE, 13 MAY 2015 – Apical Group, a processor and trader of palm oil, will work with one of Indonesia's leading oil palm growers Asian Agri, to distribute new-generation seedlings to its smallholders for the replanting of their aging palms, that will see land productivity increase by 50 percent in the new cycle. 

24 Sep 2014   |   Apical

SINGAPORE, 24 SEPTEMBER 2014 - Apical, as a processor and trader of palm oil, is committed to ensuring sustainability in its entire supply chain, from cultivation to consumption.

23 Jun 2012   |   Apical

SINGAPORE, 22 June, 2012 – APICAL Group Limited (APICAL), a major player in the mid to downstream palm oil industry with 5% market share in the global palm oil industry, today announced the successful raising of significant syndicated loan facilities totalling US$350 million.