03 Jan 2007   |   Pacific Oil & Gas

On 21st December 2006, Xiamen LNG Power Plant officially started construction.

Hong Disheng, Vice Mayor of Xiamen Municipal Government; Ling Guohui, Secretary of Xiangan District Committee of the CPC; management of East Asia Power (Xiamen) Co. Ltd and other officials attended the commencement ceremony.

04 May 2006   |   APRIL

(04 May 2006) An attack by a group of workers employed by a nearby oil palm developer against Riaupulp plantation workers in Gading Permai (Kec. Kampar Hilir) resulted in a confrontation on 1 May.

04 May 2006   |   APRIL

(5 April 2006, Singapore) – The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) today announced that Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Limited (APRIL), one of the world’s leading producers of fiber, pulp and paper, will be the Corporate Partner for UNEP’s Champions of the Earth Awards in 2006.

06 Jan 2006   |   Pacific Oil & Gas

Pacific Oil & Gas (PO&G) is making further investment in upstream field development in Indonesia through farming in to Kisaran Block (a Chevron's exploration block located in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia).

07 Jun 2005   |   APRIL

Illegal logging is the single biggest threat to Sumatra’s forest resources, destroying ecologically valuable forests and compromising the development potential of communities.

03 May 2005   |   Pacific Oil & Gas

Pacific Oil & Gas Indonesia (PO&G) is carrying out its business development plan in Indonesia's energy sector, particularly in upstream development, LNG plants and CCGT power plants.