10 Nov 2017   |   RGE

ICIJ, in their report ‘Leaked Records Reveal Offshore’s Role In Forest Destruction’, made several misleading and erroneous statements about RGE.

Appleby, the source of information leaks which the report cited, was a corporate secretarial service provider for APRIL from 2005 to 2015. Our lenders have retained Appleby to issue legal opinions to them for loans taken by various RGE group companies. Read more.

25 Aug 2016   |   RGE

In a 2011 interview that has recently been circulating on social media, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto spoke about his background and business philosophy. An article in the Indonesiana Forum drew attention to a part of that interview and regrettably took it out of context. Read more.

25 Mar 2016   |   RGE

Tanoto Foundation has donated RMB 100 million to fund, over the next ten years, talent training initiatives between the People's Republic of China and countries in the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) programme. A donation agreement was signed last Friday with the Chinese Language and Culture Education Foundation of China, a non-profit foundation established under the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council.

23 Sep 2015   |   RGE

We would like to highlight a grave factual inaccuracy that appeared in your article “Govt revokes, suspends licenses of forest burners” dated 23 September 2015, page 4.

02 Jun 2015   |   RGE

2 June 2015 – This is to notify members of the public that there is a scam involving a purported recruitment exercise conducted by RGE and Asian Agri in Indonesia.

27 May 2015   |   RGE

Addressing the students in Singapore on May 25 as keynote speaker, RGE's Chairman Sukanto Tanoto spoke about how he scaled and diversified his businesses.

09 Sep 2009   |   RGE

To better reflect the Group’s aspirations to be a global, world-class enterprise, and to signify the transformation of the Group for future sustainability and growth, the Company has decided to change the name to “RGE”, which refers to “Royal Golden Eagle”.