20 Apr 2016   |   Asian Agri

The Indonesia Government continues its support for the sustainable management of oil palm plantations through the disbursement of IDR 6.75 billion in replanting funds to 135 Asian Agri partnered smallholders, who are members of Mulus Rahayu Cooperative today.

20 Apr 2016   |   Asian Agri

135 smallholder members of Mulus Rahayu Cooperative, a partner of Asian Agri, have embarked on an oil palm replanting programme in Delima Jaya Village, Kerinci Kanan Regency, Siak District, Riau. The programme will cover 310 hectares with funding assistance from BPDPS. 

12 Apr 2016   |   Asian Agri

Eyes on the Forest (EoF) released a report ‘No One is Safe’ on 6 April 2016. The report highlighted incidents of illegal Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) entering Asian Agri’s supply chain.  These incidents occurred more than a year ago, between January-April 2015.  On learning about the breaches and following our investigations, we took swift action to terminate contracts with the errant suppliers in June 2015. 

05 Apr 2016   |   Asian Agri

More than 135 oil palm smallholders of Mulus Rahayu Cooperative, Riau received today replanting fund handed by BPDPKS Director, Bayu Krisnamurti at the MoA office in Jakarta. The Mulus Rahayu Cooperatives became the first cooperatives in Indonesia who received the oil palm replanting fund.

29 Mar 2016   |   Asian Agri

A cooperative of 500 oil palm farmers from the Sumatran province of Riau are on track to becoming the first independent farmers certified under the government of Indonesian sustainable palm oil standard (ISPO) thanks to a multistakeholder training initiative, which began on Tuesday, March 29th 2016.

15 Mar 2016   |   Asian Agri

Building partnerships with independent smallholders has become Asian Agri main focus in managing oil palm plantations in a sustainable manner and at the same time, also improving the smallholders’ welfare. One of the commitment made in order to support those independent smallholders is the joint collaboration between Asian Agri with IDH - The Sustainable Trade Initiative and SETARA, "Toward an Innovative and Sustainable Supply Chain" launched today (3/15/2016) in Jakarta.

28 Jan 2016   |   Asian Agri

In another demonstration of sustainable business leadership, Asian Agri Group disbursed the 2015 profits (approximately Rp 2 billion) from sales of sustainable palm oil to its plasma smallholders in Jambi and Riau at a premium sharing ceremony.

23 Mar 2015   |   Asian Agri

Jakarta, March 23, 2015 – Asian Agri received an award for The Best Community Program in the 7th Annual Global CSR Summit Award. This is in recognition of its continuing commitment to improving the economic conditions of the local communities which comprise smallholders and independent farmers.

10 Feb 2015   |   Asian Agri

Jakarta, February 10, 2015 – As one of the companies who has successfully managed the largest plasma scheme in Indonesia, Asian Agri now seeks to reaffirm its commitment outside of plasma.

10 Dec 2014   |   Asian Agri

Jakarta, 10 December 2014 – Indonesia has become the world’s largest palm oil exporter since 2006. The export value is increasing year to year, and it is expected to reach 29 million tons in the end of 2014. However, the issue of sustainability and environment, which include palm oil industry in general, has hindered the marketing of palm oil products in international market. The actors in palm oil industry are encouraged to maintain their commitment to pursue the certification to prove that their products are in accordance with sustainability values.