ICIJ, in their report ‘Leaked Records Reveal Offshore’s Role In Forest Destruction’, made several misleading and erroneous statements about RGE.

Appleby, the source of information leaks which the report cited, was a corporate secretarial service provider for APRIL from 2005 to 2015. Our lenders have retained Appleby to issue legal opinions to them for loans taken by various RGE group companies.

As a management services company, RGE provides strategic advice and comprehensive business process outsourcing services to a group of companies (or ‘business groups’) which includes APRIL and Asian Agri. These corporate services include strategic planning, HR, procurement and corporate finance. Our group of companies conducts business in multiple jurisdictions globally and we have onshore and offshore holding companies to aid international trade and to facilitate the ease of doing business efficiently.

We observe the relevant domestic and international laws and regulations in all our dealings. Our company structures and offshore holdings are all properly and legally incorporated. As a private company, while we do not publicly report on our financial performance, robust corporate governance frameworks are in place and internal and external audits of RGE and our group of companies are regularly conducted.

Specific to the report’s reference to Asian Agri’s “tax troubles”, it is important to note that Asian Agri was never charged, convicted or given the opportunity to present itself in court on this matter. Asian Agri cooperated with The Attorney General of Republic Indonesia in January 2014, in order to resume normal business operations and to safeguard the interests of various stakeholders - in particular the livelihoods of 25,000 employees and 30,000 community farmers. Asian Agri continues to hold the right to appeal to the Supreme Court against the fine.

RGE operates on the 5Cs business philosophy, which states that whatever we do must be good for the Community, good for the Country, good for the Climate, good for Customer, then only will it be good for the Company. This guides our approach and interactions with all stakeholders. Globally, RGE provides 60,000 jobs. In countries where RGE’s business groups have significant presence such as Indonesia, Singapore and China, we work with the Tanoto Foundation and support many of its social development programmes, including scholarship initiatives, skills and livelihood training, and water sanitation projects for communities. We have a group-wide Sustainability Framework which guides the environmental stewardship of our businesses. External auditors also independently review our sustainability programmes.

For more information on our contribution to communities and economies, please visit http://www.inside-rge.com/category/partnering-communities/


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